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24 ::: New Training Course: Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet
Man. A year and 4 months without posting…shameful. Despite the silence here on my personal site, tons has happened!

Specifically on the professional side, today I released the first of 2 sequential training courses centering around a Sci-Fi helmet - like the ones worn by space marines! This first course is about the designing and building process; sculpting and modeling with Blender.

The sequel about texturing and shading is in production and coming very soon.
23 ::: Siggraph 2013
Thanks to CG Cookie I had the chance to attend Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, CA working at the Blender booth. This was my first time at Siggraph, first time in California, and the first time meeting the Blender celebrities! Those are ingredients for a pretty awesome week.

I first heard of Siggraph when I was in college at Full Sail and how it was THE conference to go to see the latest cutting-edge technology and to network with top pros in the industry. As it turns out, all of that is true! The wild technology being demo'ed all over the tradeshow floor made me feel like I was at a classy carnival of magic. It was almost scary how fast everything is developing.

But more importantly to me was the population of industry super-stars to mix and mingle with. Everyday I was meeting lots of awesome people: Pixar developers, Blizzard character artists, Blizzard setup artists, ex-ILM-ers, developers at The Foundry, on and on, all very curious about Blender's capabilities. And what was cool to me is how "normal" they all were. I usually wasn't aware of their industry status until the middle or end of the conversation. That was a lot of fun for me!

However, meeting and hanging out with the Blender "celebrities" was the best part by far: Bart (of Pablo Vasquez, Francesco Siddi, Bassam Kurdali, Brecht Von Lommel, Sergey Sharybin, Andrew Price, Ton and everyone else at the booth. They're all just cool, cool people. I also met and hung out with Sean Kennedy all week who was a lead compositor at Rhythm and Hues for years. He's the most humble guy despite his enormous laundry list of films he's worked on. I'm so excited that Blender is being used by such an expert. I always thought of Bassam Kurdali as a Blender know-it-all (in a very good way) based on the Blender Conference videos I've watched and Tube blog posts I've read. I was right. Bassam knows more about Blender than I ever will! He was quite the inspiration to me. It was an honor to meet 2 of the 3 developers who are keeping Blender on the cutting edge. As for Ton…He's one of the most interesting people I've ever met: Innovative, intelligent, energetic, and just plain cool. I think of him as the computer-graphics equivalent of Dos Equis's "Most Interesting Man in the World". A true honor to meet and hang out with him all week.

So yeah, Siggraph 2013 was pretty awesome.
22 ::: NEW SERIES: "Sculpting a Sci-Fi Weapon"
So glad to have this series done and released!

I'm still amazed by the beautifully precise hard surface sculpts posted on zbrushcentral. I had to see if Blender could compete.

The result of my R&D is this series. Sure Blender doesn't have all the fancy hard surface tools that zbrush has, but with patience one can achieve the same hard-surfaced quality with the open source app!

Check out the 14-part series to see what I mean =)
21 ::: New Training Series: Long Hairstyles
Today my newest training series goes live! "Styling and Rendering Long Hair with Blender"

With the new release of Blender 2.66 we blenderheads have access to gorgeously realistic strand rendering with the Cycles engine. In this series I take a bald mannequin head, grow and groom the hair, and create an easily customizable hair shader for a fairly believable result.

**Note: This is for static heads and is not intended for simulated animation =)
20 ::: New Job!
As of February 1st, I'm the newest full-time member of the CG Cookie Crew! I've been working on and off in my free time over the past year doing blender training for them which now has evolved into a full time position. Specifically, I'm focusing on Blender training along with Jonathan Williamson. It's been a week of working at home, I'm still learning the ropes of the internet-centric work place, and couldn't be more excited about what's to come!

It's hard to believe that Blender -- an open source app that left me curiously complaining 2 years ago -- is now arguably responsible for carving out a new career path for me. Makes donation pretty easy!