Kent Trammell - Digital Artist
LOCATION :: Richmond, VA
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modeling. texturing. rendering. luthiery.
Born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Roanoke, VA; lifelong artist; brief stint in professional portrait drawing; married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, and I fabricate electric guitars from scratch in my spare time.

I graduated from Full Sail University in orlando, fl as salutatorian in July 2010 and have worked on commercial projects for MAKE in Mineapolis, the film "Free Birds" while working for Reel FX in Dallas, and now I spend my time producing video training content for CG Cookie.


RESUME                       Letters of Recommendation
2008-2010Full Sail University - Winter Park, FL
Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation
   - 98.46% Attendence
   - Salutatorian

2007-2008Liberty University - Lynchburg, VA
   - Dean's List: Spring 2008
   - Courses: Speech Communication, Art Appreciation, Drawing I
- Professional background in pencil illustration and logo design.
- Modeling and Sculpting realistic 3D models [blender, Maya, Zbrush]
- Ability to develop a character from initial concept to final render.
- Strong understanding of facial deformation
- Ability to paint realistic textures [Photoshop, blender, mudbox, BodyPaint3D]
- Intermediate animation skills [Maya, 3ds max, blender]
- Developed eye for form, shape, structure and silhouette.
- Developed understanding of light, shadow, contrast and color.
- Detail-oriented.
- Retopologize 3d meshes [blender, topogun, Zbrush]
- Clean and Efficient UV layout.
- Model/Sculpt blendshapes for realistic facial movement.
- Intermediate character rigging knowledge.
- Rigging for facial animation [Maya]
- Basic knowledge of MEL and Python scripting.
- Experience working in a prodution pipeline.
- Rendering with Mental Ray, vray, and cycles.
- Proficient with both Macintosh and Windows platforms.
- Advanced: Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop
- Working: 3ds Max, Vray, Mudbox, Motion Builder, Nuke, Syntheyes, AfterEffects
CG Cookie Inc - Instructor, Studio Artist
Reel FX Creative Studios - Dallas, TX - Modeler
Make LLC - Minneapolis, MN - 3D Artist
ShaveFX - Freelance Artist

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is my personal recommendation for Kent Trammell. For the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of working with Kent. I initially sought him out after viewing his portfolio online. I was very impressed at the high level of skill he exhibited as a student, and I knew he would be a rare talent. We contacted Kent and were successful in securing him a position on our modeling team. As I got to know Kent, I was impressed again by the level of professionalism he displayed at work.

Kent is easily one of the top modelers on our team. He knows all of our tools and works extremely fast, yet still delivers high quality work every time. He's one of those artists who will anticipate what is needed and execute it with little or no direction. Kent is an accomplished Zbrush sculptor, and has produced very high quality character sculpts for us. He is also extremely adept at using Maya and Blender for character modeling, facial blendshapes, props, and environments. I had no hesitation giving Kent our most difficult assignments for high profile clients, and he consistently delivered. Because Kent's talents are well honed, he sets an example for other team members to emulate. In addition, Kent is constantly striving to improve his already impressive skills at work and at home, which to me is the mark of someone who truly loves what they do.

I highly recommend Kent for employment in any top tier studio. I've only worked with a select few people in my career who are as talented and easy to work with as Kent. I have zero doubt that his notable abilities will be of great service to any organization.


Tom Jordan
Modeling Department Supervisor
Reel FX