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B25: Advanced Leg Rigging

Author: [ tobuslieven ]

Description:This is the 1st of 10 tutorials describing in crystal-clear detail how to setup an advanced IK leg in Blender 2.5

B25: Anamorphic Lens Flares

Author: Micah Austin

Description:Interesting approach to creating anamorphic lens flare effects with Blender’s internal renderer and the compositor system using geometry and textures. Very flexible method.

B25: Arrays Sketching

Author: [ Blend_Ideas ]

Description:Demo of "arrays sketching" for blender, which is sorta like z-spheres.

B25: Camera Switching

Author: [ SpiritCrisis ]

Description:Switching from camera to camera over the course of an animation via the timeline.

b25: Chain Physics

Author: Mostafa Hassan

Description:A quick and dirty explanation of simulating simple chain physics in Blender 2.5 -

B25: Cloth Physics in 3 Minutes

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:Another fantastic quick and to-the-point explanation of Blender's cloth physics.

B25: Cloth Sim with Pinning

Author: [ negativaVideo ]

Description:An audio-less demonstration of setting up a cloth simulation in Blender and animating pinned verts via blendshape.

B25: Defocus and Mist

Author: Peter Draculic

Description:Achieving defocus and mist effects with Blender's Compositor via this "3d rotoscoping" technique.

B25: Dupliverts - Adding Rivets

Author: Greg Zaal

Description:The Blender Nerd explains how to easily duplicate and position x number of objects along a model's surface. Very useful!

B25: Fluids in 3 Minutes

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:A brilliant and to-the-point explanation of Blender's built in fluid simulation.

B25: Force Field Briefing

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:A quick run-down for understanding the general effect of Blender's force fields for particles.

B25: Hair Lab

Author: Ondrej Raha

Description:Hair Tools addon: Pretty cool stuff.

B25: Hairy Balls

Author: [ TheBetaBoyz ]

Description:Bare-bones-basics for using blender's hair particle system.

B25: Hard Edges TIP

Author: Alex Telford

Description:Here's a quick tip explaining how to implement hard edges with the EdgeSplit modifier.

B25: Light Probes

Author: [ SpiritCrisis ]

Description:Explanation for using HDRI Probes with Blender Internal.

B25: Make a Fireball

Author: James Jannaway

Description:Basics for creating a volumetric fireball simulation.

B25: Painting with Light

Author: Max Hammond

Description:An intriguing and potentially game-changing workflow for artistically setting up a scene's lighting: Realtime environment vertex painting with Cycles.

B25: Physics Based Car Rig

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:Explanation for using his free physics-based car rig. Can be downloaded in "Downloads" below.

B25: Re-Projection

Author: Campbell Barton

Description:Demo/tutorial of Re-Projection feature new to Blende 2.5 as a result of the Durian Open Movie Project.

B25: Remesh Modifer

Author: [ thisroomthatIkeep ]

Description:A timelapse demonstration of sculpting with the remesh modifier - created by wizard Nicholas Bishop

B25: Smoke in 3 Minutes

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:A brilliant and to-the-point explanation of Blender's built in smoke simulation.

B25: Soft Bodies in 3 Minutes

Author: Daniel Kreuter

Description:Quick and dirty explanation for Blender's soft-body simulation settings.

B25: Texture Painting

Author: Giovanni [ JjohnStrong ]

Description:Explanation for texture painting in Blender 2.5x series;

BCon11: Cycles

Author: Brecht Van Lommel

Description:Creator of the Blender rendering engine "Cycles" gives a presentation at Blender Conference 2011. A fantastic explanation of the engine, its purpose, and features.

Blender: Fake and Fast SSS

Author: Idea Fire Creative

Description:A brilliant demonstration of Blender's node system and the power that exists there.

Blender: Fake Caustics with Cycles

Author: Matthew Heimlich


Blendshape Creation I

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Explaining my workflow for sculpting an organic blendshape [morph target] in zbrush.

Blendshape Creation II

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Explaining my workflow for sculpting an organic blendshape [morph target] in zbrush.

Bsurfaces: Surface Sketching

Author: [ Blend_Ideas ]

Description:Demo and instruction for using the surface sketching feature of Bsurfaces v1.5

Bsurfaces: v1.5 Demo

Author: [ Blend_Ideas ]

Description:Demo of Bsufaces v1.5 features

Concept Sculpting: Mecha Hands

Author: Mike Nash

Description:A Zbrush timelapse of a robotic hand concept sculpt. I consider Mike Nash a master sculptor and modeler. Check out his website

Hard Surface Sculpting

Author: Mike Jensen

Description:A double-time demo of hard-surface sculpting, before Zbrush 4.

HDRI Probe Creation

Author: Aaron Dabelow

Description:Aaron explains the process of photographing a chrome ball with different exposures and post-processing the different images into an HDRI file; first with Photoshop, then with freeware app, Picturenaut.

Lux: Sunlit Room

Author: Jason Clarke

Description:A thorough introduction to Luxrender for architectural rendering, using Blender 2.5 and Lux 0.8.

Realistic Human Portrait: 1

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Part 1 of the series covers the creation of a riggable base mesh from retopologizing a foundational sculpt. For intermediate-to-advanced Blender users.

Realistic Human Portrait: 2

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Part 2 of the series covers high-frequency detail sculpting on top of a retopologized base mesh. For intermediate to advanced Blender users.

Realistic Human Portrait: 3

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Part 3 of the series covers simple UV unwrapping, map baking, and texturing via projection painting with kgeogeo's BProject Addon.

Realistic Human Portrait: 4

Author: Kent Trammell

Description:Part 4 of the series covers a basic light setup for shader testing, Blender's single-layer SSS shader, and the more complex 3-layer SSS shader setup.

Using Shave to Drive Maya Hair

Author: Ryan Trammell

Description:A technique implementing the styling features of Shave and a Haircut while avoiding it's rendering hang-ups.

note -- assets for download are meant to be used by anyone and everyone. all i ask is for credit where credit's due. thanks!

From Me

A quadruped creature based on a Greg Baldwin Concept. Beautifully rigged by Firmin Saint-Armour!

Please send me a link to your animations!
This guitar model is a replica of Hugh Manson's design built for Matthew Bellamy of Muse. It comes as an .mb, .fbx, and .obj complete with textures.
This bipedal character was designed for an online challenge. Modeled in Zbrush from Zspheres and handsomely rigged in Maya by friend and colleague Justin Kirk

Please send me a link to your animations!
Another guitar modeled after its real-life counterpart. Asset includes guitar and stand models, textures maps, blend file, and maya scene file.


A great collection of skin alpha maps to use in a sculpting package. Thanks to Antropus!
Script allowing users to assign names to Armature Layers. Thanks Bassam Kurdali!
A straight and precise knife cut. See explanation and instruction here. Written by Nick Chromoly
A great physics-based car rig from Daniel Kreuter.
An efficient GUI for setting up a wire render for Blender Internal. Thanks to liero.
A simple application that interactively creates materials for Sculptris (also known as MatCaps) that can be used in Zbrush and other 3D packages. See author's thread here