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14 ::: EOTM
I recently had the tremendous honor of being named "Empolyee of the Month" at my studio, Reel FX! Not only was I given a hefty gift card, but I also have the immense pleasure of sporting a creepy gnome statue at my desk all month!!! Thanks to my nominator and to the RFX family for recognizing the employees.
13 ::: Assisting an Engagement
Recently I was commissioned by long-time friend Allen Bowman to design an engagement ring and was truly honored to oblige. I sculpted the band in Blender on a Multiresolution modifier and downloaded the free diamond model from turbosquid. Rendering done in Cycles.

And congrats to Allen on his recent engagement!
12 ::: Another CG Cookie Tutorial!
My second CG Cookie tutorial has been released! It covers the shading, lighting, and rendering of an electric guitar in Blender with Cycles. Admittedly, the hour-long walk through can get a little confusing to follow when the shaders get complex but hopefully still helpful.

So over the past couple months I've been testing the waters of online educating with Blender specifically. I've had generally positive responses from viewers and am becoming quite curious to see where this path can lead. The prospect of documenting personal projects for a living is attractive to say the least, and thus far more satisfying than the corporate side of the industry…Does anybody else think the state of the industry is declining rapidly with little hope for improvement? I'd really like to see responses to this question…Maybe it's time for a comments system on the site =)
11 ::: CG Cookie
I'm honored to be an official CG Cookie author! My first tutorial for the popular educational site is an introduction to a sculpting workflow in Blender. The result is this David-esque torso. Thou shouldst check it out!
10 ::: SSS Study
I've spent the last month studying Blender Internal's SSS after being inspired by Ben Simond's 3-layer method. I want to make a professional-quality tutorial or perhaps tutorial series from what I've learned. So depending on the response I get from the community, I'll either start recording the tutorial(s) or realize that I've got too much more to learn. Hopefully a pro-quality tutorial will result!

UPDATE: This was posted to BlenderNation! I've received an overwhelmingly positive response to the images - A tutorial is definitely coming soon!