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9 ::: It's ALIIIIIVE!
A few months ago I was honored by Firmin Saint-Armour's request to rig my "Odd Monster" model [ based on Greg Baldwin's concept ] for his student reel. Congrats Firmin on an amazing rig and amazing reel!

The Maya rig is a full-blown quadruped rig complete with ribbon spine, ribbon neck, and many other animator-friendly features. It can be downloaded on my Resources page!

NOTE -- If you download and use, PLEASE send me a link to your animatons!!
8 ::: Child's Play PSA
My hat is off to the MAKE team in Minneapolis - they did an incredible job with this spec spot about a band of space marines. I was blessed to contribute a little bit!

(see the gallery for details)

Aaaand the project took first place at the Minnesota Electronic Theater. Again, great job MAKE!
7 ::: Website Upgrade
I've been anxious to learn web development and general coding for a long time now. And recently, I've taken advantage of some free time and been able to teach myself html, php, and javascript which has resulted in this website upgrade. (at least I think it's an upgrade)

Check out the Resources page - It's intend to be a repository for great tutorials, useful downloads, and tons of interesting links as well as artists' portfolios!

EDIT: Links now have tooltips better describing the link. Just hold the mouse over it for a sec =)
6 ::: Rockettes Christmas Spectacular
Congrats to the ReelFX team - The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular has been received with much praise, specifically when referencing the video game portion of the show. (RFX's work)

My favorite quote from the Times: "The video game works so well that everything that follows it - the generic song that tells the moral, the Rockettes' modeling of Swarovski crystal, the Nativity procession with the live animals - now feels like a long anticlimax."

EDIT: Nominated for a VES award: "Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project"
5 ::: Ice Age Christmas Special
manny, sid, and all the other lovable characters are back to celebrate the holiday season! fox and blue sky is airing the christmas special "ice age: a mammoth christmas" on fox thanksgiving night! this is the first release of a big production that I significantly contributed to. congrats to the whole reel fx team! Merry Christmas!